Alumni Dinner 1960-1965 Review


On Friday evening 7 August former Kilbreda students who completed their education here from 1960 to 1965 gathered for a Reunion Dinner hosted by the Past Pupils’ Network Committee.

Helen Brockway Wilson from the class of 1964 was motivated by her reconnection to Kilbreda and her admiration of Year 12 students visiting East Timor in lieu of “Schoolies” week to craft a poem, “The Tower”. The poem was the focus of the evening and was warmly received. A copy of the poem was presented to all in attendance as a memento of the evening. It is also attached to this report. Three of the Year 12 East Timor Travellers, Ashleigh, Hannah and Jess, attended the dinner and spoke of their motivation for their decision to take on this project. A sum of $433.50 was donated towards the project.

Lively conversation continued throughout the evening. Many renewed friendships and all traveled down memory lane sharing stories which created much laughter.

Congratulations to all involved in the planning and running of this very successful event.

Denise Leonard
Chairperson Past Pupils’ Network Committee, on behalf of the members of the Past
Pupils’ Network

The Tower
There’s a Tower, never really out of sight,
which provides a beacon,
regardless of their flight,
to a certain group of women,
who, wherever they may be,
will never lose the vision
of its strength and certainty.
Oh, Tower of Kilbreda,
and all you represent…
How much we owe your vision
and the years we so well spent…
All the days of learning,
the fun, the growing up.
Now the memories returning,
bring an overflowing cup.
‘Tho we may lose contact,
sometimes for many years,
when we finally meet again,
despite some doubts and fears,
we find a new dimension
to what life has become.
A joy in re-connection,
inexplicable to some.
As old age approaches,
and the future encroaches,
we find comfort in the past.
And yet greater comfort
in those with whom we shared it,
and will share it at the last.

When that past is grounded
in the values which will see us through all strife ,
an education founded
on a beautiful tradition of an exemplary life,
the comfort is the greater,
as is the will, to share.

Despite the years of losing touch,
for the place we loved
and for all with whom we shared it,
we will surely always care.
There is something which will call us back,
no matter where we roam.
The vision of Kilbreda’s Tower,
will ever lead us home.

What of our Alma Mater in the present day.
Does the beacon of the Tower
still guide her youth upon their way?
Or did the new century bring a materialistic view?
Must less spiritual values now
see her students through?
It’s not difficult today, to form such an expectation.
But …discovery of the truth
brings a deeply proud elation !

In this the “schoolies” era,
how have our girls discerned?
Is there a will today,
to live the values they have learned ?
The answer surely lies
in the choices they have made.
The choice to celebrate the advent of adulthood,
in a journey of self- sacrifice, generosity and good,
means all doubt, by this choice
is well and truly laid.

Oh, Tower of Kilbreda,
how proud you will now be,
as your beacon lights the way,
in the current century.
Your lighted path will lead directly to the poor,
Where Kilbreda’s youth will serve,
bringing honour to your door.

Let us now wish them luck
and send them on their way,
secure in the knowledge that on that final day, when their service is complete,
when they need no more to roam,
the vision of Kilbreda’s Tower
is here to guide them home.
© Helen Brockway Wilson.