Further Enrolment Information

What are the criteria for enrolment?

The enrolment practices of the College draw heavily on the “Kildare Education Ministries (KEM) Criteria for Enrolment” Policy and CEM Policy 2.4 Enrolment for Schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Enrolment decisions are made by the Principal in keeping with these policies, however the College reserves the right to exercise discretion to respond to the pastoral needs of individual families.

Year 7 Order of Preference for Enrolment

1. Applicants who have or have had sisters attend the College

2. Catholic applicants who have had a mother attend the College and who currently attend a Catholic school

3. Catholic applicants who are residents of a designated Priority Parish and attend a Catholic primary school in one of those parishes (see below)

4. Catholic applicants who are residents of a designated Priority Parish and have not attended a Catholic school

5. Catholic applicants from other parishes

6. Applicants from Eastern Rite churches

7. Other Christian applicants

8. All other applicants.

The Priority Parishes Schools for Kilbreda are :

St Louis de Montfort's Primary School, Aspendale

Stella Maris Primary School, Beaumaris

St Joseph's Primary School, Black Rock

St Joachim's Primary School, Carrum Downs

St Joseph's Primary School, Chelsea

Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Cheltenham

St Mark's Primary School, Dingley

St John Vianney's Primary School, East Parkdale

St Patrick's Primary School, Mentone

St Brigid's Primary School, Mordialloc

St Anne's Primary School, Seaford

St Joseph's Primary School, Springvale

What if we are non-Catholic?

Students of other faith traditions are welcome to apply.